Child’s Christmas Stocking (boy-orientated)




Save lots of time by purchasing this great value child’s stocking complete with a variety of quality toys and goods.
Each stocking will contain:

· a fun pirate mask

a 6-colour ballpoint pen

· A ‘Play and Choc’ small box with organic vegan chocolate and a card animal to assemble.

· temporary tattoos

· a box of glow in the dark stars

· stickers

· dinosaur stampers

· Grow-your-own dinosaur egg

· a dinosaur snap wristband

· A small spinning top

· A Quentin Blake bookmark

· A pair of Funny Christmas specs

· Christmas snap game

· Glow-in-the-dark party headband

· a pin badge

· A DINOSAUR or other Pencil case with some pens

· a Signed copy of Susan Hill’s Christmas story The Star Dreamer

· a Hessian Christmas-printed stocking for everything to go in,  plus a couple of extra surprise treats!

Shipping & Delivery

For free postage and packing your order will need to be £10 or over. We are sorry but we do not ship to the rest of the world.